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Carpinus betulus ‘Fastigiata’

Fastigiate European Hornbeam

Zone 4–7. 35' H × 25' W. Columnar, becoming broadly pyramidal with age; small crinkled leaves turn yellow in fall, very dense appearance; low-branched; leaves retained through the winter make it a good deciduous screen; any soil, full sun; use as a specimen or hedge, if hedge, prune wider at base; more oval at maturity than name suggests; the foliage on this plant makes it very special; in any light it stands out but when back-lit, sunlight reflects light at all angles, due, I guess, to the crinkled leaves, that cause it to look especially vibrant and healthy; I have seen this grown in Europe as topiary on a regular basis by simply limbing up and pruning to a square-sided pyramid, they have so much more patience than here.


Carpinus Notes Caliper Height Spread 1+ 10+
Carpinus betulus ‘Fastigiata’ dense branching makes this cultivar a good screen even in winter 2.00" $224 $179
2.50" $263 $210
3.50" $347 $278
4.00" $399 $319
4.50" $459 $367

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