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Ilex ‘Dragon Lady’

(I. x aquipernyi)

Dragon Lady Holly

Zone 6b–8a. Considered to be the perfect columnar holly; grows to 16–20' H × 4–6' W; use as specimen or hedge; self fruiting with quite a bit of variation, plants under stress are very heavily fruited as we would expect, very dense with smaller leaves than most hollies with very stiff, pointed spines; dark glossy green foliage with a very apparent reddish tint on the new flush; everyone who sees it wishes all hollies would look this good; ‘Dragon Lady’ prefers to leave open spots or holes on the side; this is resolved by very heavy shearing while youthful but the process greatly increases the production cycle and cost, we see 4–5 foot, well developed plants after 6–7 years from a 1 or 2 gallon liner.

Ilex ‘Dragon Lady’
Ilex ‘Dragon Lady’


Ilex Notes Caliper Height Spread 1+ 10+
Ilex ‘Dragon Lady’ deer resistance 5' $194 $155
deer resistance 6' $223 $179
deer resistance 7' $268 $214
deer resistance 8' $335 $268
deer resistance 9' $322 $308
straight columns, ideal for hedging 5' $194 $155
straight columns, ideal for hedging 6' $223 $179
straight columns, ideal for hedging 7' $268 $214
straight columns, ideal for hedging 8' $335 $268

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