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Ilex ‘Blue Prince’

(x meserveae I. rugosa x I. aquifolium)

Blue Prince Holly

Zone 6–9. Full bushy habit to 10–15' H x 10' W if not pruned; can be readily shaped; is the male pollinator of all female blue hollies; dark, glossy, spiny leaves with no winter discoloration, this along with Blue Maid is probably the most healthy, vibrant-looking of the bush-form hollies, ‘Blue Prince’ and ‘Blue Princess’ are almost perfect for hedging as after 6–8' their growth rate will slow to require only one pruning per year to maintain; faster growing than ‘Blue Princess’ and should not be planted in the ‘Blue Princess’ hedge but will make a great stand alone specimen planted in the same landscape.

Ilex ‘Blue Prince’
Ilex ‘Blue Prince’Ilex ‘Blue Prince’


Ilex Notes Caliper Height Spread 5+ 10+ 25+
Ilex ‘Blue Prince’ 42" $125 $109 $100
48" $147 $128 $118
54" $173 $150 $138

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