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Viburnum carlcephalum

(V. carlessi x V. macrocephalum var. keteleeni)

Carlcephalum Viburnum

Zone 5–8. 6–8' H & W. Carlcephalum or Fragrant Viburnum is more open and looser habit than many Viburnum; dark green foliage with light luster in summer, reddish purple in fall; leaves are the largest of the fragrant, semi-snowball types; pink buds open to white, fragrant flowers; late in flowering.

Viburnum carlcephalum
Viburnum carlcephalum


Viburnum Notes Caliper Height Spread 5+ 10+ 25+
Viburnum carlcephalum blooms the latest of all the fragrant snowball types 48" $100 $86
54" $114 $99 $91
5' $131 $114 $105

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