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Q: How much will shipping cost?

Freight rates vary with season (supply and demand of available equipment) and fuel costs. We will supply you with the frieght cost at the time of ordering.

Q: How can I place an order?

We offer multiple ways to order. Our website offers an option to fill out an order online. Add material to your order either by scrolling down our availability page or during perusing our Plant Catalog. When you are finished adding to your order, click on 'cart' at the top right of the page to review and submit your order. Other options include emailing, faxing, or calling in your order.

Q: How soon can I get my plants delivered?

We strive to offer a fast turn around rate. Spring is our busiest shipping schedule, though we aim to get orders out the door in one week's time.

Q: We need landscape ready material, can we make sure tagged plants are full and healthy looking?

All our material is landscape ready. We will not send out material that does not meet our level of quality.

Q: I am looking for a plant with specific traits, how can you help?

Visit the Category Page to peruse lists of plant material by category. Scroll through our Plant Catalog to read short descriptions and basic facts about our plant material. Or use our Comparison function to compare up to 5 plants side by side at one time. If you can not find what you are looking for on our website feel free to call our office, we would be glad to assist you.

Q: Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order, however small orders may have up to a two week turn around time.

Q: How far do you ship?

We will ship anywhere.

Q: Can I tour the nursery and tag my own material?

We welcome anyone that would like a tour of our farm. Due to the boxwood blight compliance agreement, guests must remain in our vehicle at all times. If you find plants to purchase, we will tag the plants for you. Call to schedule a day to visit.

Q: Do you propagate your own material?

We propagate 80% of our material, including Boxwood, Ilex, and Viburnum. Our in-house Boxwood propagation reduces the risk of Boxwood Blight.

Q: Do you summer dig?

Yes. Due to the extra production costs to safely summer dig, we do charge a 12% fee on summer orders, or 6% for full truck loads.

Q: When do you take orders? How about Spring orders?

We take orders year-round. Spring orders should be submitted by December 1st.

Q: How do we view pricing and quantity available on the website?

To view pricing you must first register an account. Submit your email and password on the 'Login' page and your account will be accessible shortly. You have the option of choosing 'remember me on this computer', so can easily access our site.