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About Our Wholesale Nursery
and Sustainable Growing Practices

Our process, our people, our land

How We Grow

How do we produce exceptional, fully finished, landscape-ready plants year after year? It’s intentional. We do it by:

sweating the details
indulging our curiosity
exploring new ideas
learning from mistakes
respecting nature and our land

Our growing systems, processes and technologies are informed by our embrace of experimentation and innovation.


The Waverly Farm Playbook for for Growing Outstanding Landscape Stock Year After Year

Your success as a landscape professional depends on developing long-term partnerships with the most reliable growers as trusted sources for high quality plant stock.

This eBook will help you in your search by identifying key characteristics to look for in a grower capable of producing plants that have year over year consistency in health, size, and fullness.


Our Land

I chose the site for Waverly Farm based on its high quality soil. We recognize the value of these soils and are dedicated to preserving them. We have reserved nearly 50 acres for grass aisles and perimeter strips throughout the nursery to prevent soil erosion. To assure soil is always available for production and to replace what is sold with plants, we add 210 tons per acre of compost with each planting rotation.


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Our People

Waverly Farm is a 200 acre wholesale field production nursery located in Adamstown, Maryland growing more than 400 varieties of large-sized, fully finished landscape shrubs and trees.

From the beginning, we aspired to leave the farm better than we found it. That aspiration has evolved into a sustainable growing system that builds and replaces the living soil we sell with our plants. The soil we create and ship with our plants dramatically improves their ability to survive transplantation and thrive in adjacent growing zones to the northwest and northeast of our Zone 7 location.

Our people are dedicated to delivering plant material of lasting value in an atmosphere of service, expert advice, trust, and friendship. We go all out to develop mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers. This isn’t a job for us. It’s what we love.

Jerry Faulring

Owner & Grower

Jerry started his career in 1970 after earning a B.S. Agronomy degree from Purdue, first working at Summit Hall Turf Farm in Gaithersburg, MD. In 1973 he co-founded what became a five state regional lawn service called Hydro Lawn based in Gaithersburg. In 1990 he started his nursery production career with 25 acres known as River Farm Nursery. The land for Waverly Farm was purchased in 1996 with planting begun in 1997. His responsibilities today include propagation, all aspects of field production, a broad interest in improving nursery production through many research initiatives, and various administrative activities. He says he is a businessman first who just happens to be growing plants, but his love of agriculture generally and enjoyment gained through the production of ornamental plants suggests he is a grower first.

Tiffany Shorten
Tiffany Shorten

Sales and Shipping Manager

I have always had a passion for working outdoors and a knack for the opposite: working at a desk doing administrative tasks. My diverse background in nursery sales, landscaping, bookkeeping and customer service has helped to shape my current role as the shipping and sales manager at Waverly Farm. I have a business degree from the University of Maryland Global Campus and am a certified Quickbooks Pro Advisor. Since I am always looking for opportunities to broaden my skill set, I feel fortunate to be able to tap into Jerry’s knowledge on everything about running this business. I really enjoy our team and believe in the value of the work we do here. My work life has migrated into my home life with gardening adventures, soil experiments, and caring for our mini arboretum consisting of hundreds of trees and shrubs “borrowed” from the farm. When I’m not here at the nursery, I am at our family farm in Frederick Country where we recently renovated our house, built an orchard, and started beekeeping.  We have plenty of space to indulge our love of fostering and adopting animals. So far, we have two horses that we ride, two dogs and two pigs. We love raising our wild child daughter (with plans for more!) and hope to one day offer our home and parenting to foster children who are “aging out” of the social services system.

lindsey senseman1b
Lindsey Senseman

Sales and Administration

I am a Frederick, Maryland native and have been working in the horticultural field for over 15 years, including three at Waverly Farm. My first job was at Meadows Farms Nursery where I discovered my love of working with plants. From there I held positions at other nurseries where I developed a strong foundation of skills and knowledge. Eventually, I ran a small landscaping business of my own. I have previously performed many aspects of nursery work from growing, soil testing, machine operation, and taking deliveries. I also have experience in landscape design and plant care. I hold an associates degree in business administration, and hope one day to return to school to finish my horticulture degree at UMD. I live close by with my family, dog, cats, a horse, and our house pig, Rosie. I have a passion for gardening, house plants, hiking, and feeding stray cats. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work and continue learning at Waverly Farm.


eusebio carmona (chino) and family
Eusebio Carmona (aka Chino)

Farm Manager

I grew up at Waverly Farm, taking over as Forman when my Father retired years ago.  I am bilingual and serve as the main communication between the office and the field, making sure everything is seamless. I manage all the equipment, planting, digging and shipping and staff, whom I’m able to delegate tasks to, like irrigation and loading. I have a great crew that comes over from Mexico each year who know the business and work really well together. When I’m not working I spend time with my family, go swimming in the local river, play in a band and go out dancing.

terry hoyt-waverly farm
Terry Hoyt

New England Sales

Growing up in the industry, I learned at a very young age what it's like to put your back into the better end of a shovel. My father owned and operated Meadowyck Nursery in Vincentown NJ, offering landscape design/build along with a 6 acre nursery growing Taxus, Arborvitae, japanese holly and boxwood. The early years on the job with my Dad and brothers taught me the value of hard work and the pride associated with a job well done. After graduating Rowan University (back then Glassboro State) I was faced with the major question of what to do with my life. After a few years of dead end jobs in the airline industry I fell back on my love for horticulture. In 1988 I started as the inside sales rep for Medford Nursery in Medford NJ. I was awarded my first sales territory for Robert Baker Companies in !989 covering lower New England. Thirty two years later, here I am, loving what I do and proud to say that I am standing on my fathers shoulders with the same passion for making this world a greener place. Having a passion for swimming and the piano, I still find time to get dirt under my fingernails.

H2A Worker Program
H2A Worker Program

Each year we bring in a crew of 18-21 gentlemen from Hidalgo, Mexico under the H2A program.  The guys chose amongst themselves who comes back each year, and some have been coming for around 20 years!  In their free time they enjoy talking with family, playing soccer, cooking, swimming and dancing.  They spend 10 months out of the year here, returning for winter to get some time with their friends and family, and to work on their houses. They work very hard and you can often find them singing in the fields, even on the very hottest of days.

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