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Waverly Farm Maryland Wholesale Nursery

Wholesale growers of exceptional, field-grown, fully finished trees and shrubs for the landscape industry throughout the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions.
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How We Grow

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Take a look at our field operation and learn about our innovative 8 step growing process. Then schedule a nursery tour to meet our staff and see our plants in person.

Lasting Value - Why Our Plants Thrive

Good soil is a gift and ours is a deep, well-drained, silt loam of the highest productivity available anywhere in the U.S. To absorb all the goodness of it, our plants spend more time in the ground. And our root balls capture most of the existing root system because they exceed industry standards by at least one size.


Solving Plant Shortages in a High-Demand Landscaping Market

A recurring problem that all of us face in this industry is availability: finding the plants we need when we need them. This eBook will equip you to meet the challenges of sourcing plants that have consistent health, size, and fullness from year to year.


The Trees and Shrubs We Grow

Here in the mid-Atlantic region, we benefit from growing conditions that sit comfortably between the hard long winters of the north and the prolonged heat and humidity of the south. A longer growing season accelerates our production timeline allowing us to grow hardy, healthy shrubs and ornamentals well-suited for planting in neighboring states to the northwest and northeast of us.

Our Extensive Plant Catalog

Waverly Farm maintains an extensive catalog representing more than 400 cultivars of the most in-demand shrubs and ornamentals on our 200 acre facility. Our stock is 100% field grown, 90% propagated on site, and available in larger sizes not readily available from most growers.

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Plant of the Month

Looking for Substitutes for Buxus ‘Green Mountain’? Try Buxus ‘Green Ice’ or ‘John Baldwin’

Looking for Substitutes for Buxus ‘Green Mountain’? Try Buxus ‘Green Ice’ or ‘John Baldwin’

Buxus microphylla var. koreana x sempervirens ‘Green Mountain’has become a darling of landscape...

Take a look

Our Instant Privacy Hedge Growing System

Is there a better way to install privacy hedges? Yes. Our way. The better, faster way to privacy screening is to install a finished hedge rather than wait years for smaller plants to fill in. We grow a variety of hedging plants in sets of three that are carefully pruned to grow together. At harvest, we separate individual plants for shipping. One face of each plant will be numbered for easy installation in the order they were grown. Instant hedge!


Does this thing let you go more than five stars? I’ve been buying plants for many years and from all over the country. In doing so, I have a pretty good idea of what to expect at your average nursery operation.  That said, there are a handful of growers that exceed all expectations.  These are growers who so obviously run a tight ship that it is apparent even just pulling up to the office. The property is immaculate.  The stock uniform, neatly rowed and tended.  Tidy.  Weed free.  Blemish free.  When you place an order with them, you don’t have to cross your fingers about what you might expect to receive, and you certainly don’t have to worry about what your clients might think on the other end.  Waverly Farm is one of those growers.  I always look forward to getting stock in from them just to see folks’ reaction. I have yet to be disappointed…

Derrin Hayes, Plant Buyer J. W. TOWNSEND Landscapes, VA

We are an upscale Landscaping company, and dealing with clients and nurseries can be tough. Tiffany and Lindsey are a breath of fresh air, making the whole process seamless. I never have any surprises when it comes to inventory, service or deliveries. They are up front with everything and I love working with them. I've had some horror stories when it comes to dealing with other growers, but they are truly the easiest to work with.

Anthony Valenti, Ceci Brothers Garden Centers, CT

Not only is their plant material always perfect, but the service is spectacular. On-line ordering is easy and efficient. Communication is timely. Loading is swift and professional. Working with the folks at Waverly is a pleasure.

Curt Brandenburg, Great American Landscapes, MD

Excellent well-run nursery and beautiful plant material! We have continually done business with Waverly Farm since we started our business 19 years ago and appreciate their service and sourcing our plant material from here whenever possible.

Linda Silich, Groundworks Landscaping, NY

Great plant material, educated staff, love working with them.

Ernie Carlomagno, Nursery Retail Manager, Donaromas Nursery, MA

We at Backyard Bounty are huge fans of Waverly Farm. Their trees are fabulous. They always work with us on special requests. And their yard crews are the world's best at loading and securing product for transport. Thanks!

Kris Colby, Backyard Bounty, MD

Waverly Farm is amazing to work with! They are always so professional, responsive, and accommodating! We are so grateful for their willingness to always go above and beyond to help with any needs we may have!!

Jacqueline Knupp, Nova Outdoor Living Spaces & Gardens, VA

I have been buying from Waverly for over 20 years now. Impeccable quality and great service. Great people to work with. Honest, up front and respectable. Everything you could possibly want in a nursery. You will never be sorry buying material from Waverly Farms.

Jack Teixeira, Cavicchio Greenhouses, CT

Absolutely beautiful plant material that has been carefully grown with top notch horticultural practices. Highly recommend!

Brian Brisby, Stone House Nursery, NJ

Waverly Farm is the place to get mature, high-quality plant material. Tiffany and her team provide reliable and friendly customer service... every time!

George Bridge, George G. Bridge Landscape Construction, MD

Always a pleasure doing business with Jerry and his team. The best in quality along with great communication ! Makes Waverly our go to grower for our plant needs.

Barry Schneider, President, Surrounds Landscape Architecture & Construction,, VA

Waverly Farm is an excellent wholesale supplier of premium quality plant material. The staff is always at the ready to help supply details about what is available and assemble orders efficiently and accurately!

Craig Beni, Surfing Hydrangea Nursery, MA

Waverly produces excellent quality trees and their customer service is just as good!

David Mitchell, Mitchell Tree Care, WV

The staff at Waverly Farm always goes above and beyond to help and their plant material is always top grade! We love using Waverly Farm for our tree needs whenever we can!

Angela Logue, R&L Landscapes, WV

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Looking for Substitutes for Buxus ‘Green Mountain’? Try Buxus ‘Green Ice’ or ‘John Baldwin’

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