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Waverly Farm owner Jerry Faulring writes a regular column called ‘It’s Time for Sharing’ for Free State Nursery, Landscape & Greenhouse News, a publication of the Maryland Nursery, Landscape, and Greenhouse Association (MNLGA). Published three times each year, Jerry’s articles are straight up stories of his successes and failures on the Farm with an intent to reflect on his experiences as a grower and share what he’s learned.

Posts about Field Irrigation

6 minute read

Remote Wireless Irrigation

The art and science of soil moisture monitoring

Imagine these outcomes: Produce better plants with approximately one year less in the growing cycle. Reduce water consumption and labor costs. That’s what we gained after we installed automatic control of our irrigation with a wired system. Our new wireless system has the same benefits plus allows for remote control of irrigation even when electricity is down.

Field Irrigation
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7 minute read

Driving Down Irrigation Costs - Part 2

Why more - especially when it comes to water - is not always better

In one of our irrigation experiments here, we installed soil moisture sensing stations and remote controls monitored by a flow meter. We discovered we’d been over irrigating since the beginning! You might think that more water (not over-watering) rather than less would be good for plants. Our experiment showed that less water made available precisely when the plant needs it produces a better plant.

Field Irrigation
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3 minute read

Soil Moisture Monitoring System Saves Money

Use less water, save money, grow better plants

Waverly Farm participated in a multi-year study in cooperation with the University of Maryland Extension to learn how much soil moisture is needed to support optimum plant growth in the nursery field. There is a surprising scarcity of information on this subject. We also wanted to learn more about the benefit of compost amended soils related to moisture holding capacity and therefore reduced irrigation requirements

Best Practices, Field Irrigation
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