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Waverly Farm owner Jerry Faulring writes a regular column called ‘It’s Time for Sharing’ for Free State Nursery, Landscape & Greenhouse News, a publication of the Maryland Nursery, Landscape, and Greenhouse Association (MNLGA). Published three times each year, Jerry’s articles are straight up stories of his successes and failures on the Farm with an intent to reflect on his experiences as a grower and share what he’s learned.

Posts about landscape industry trends

3 minute read

Plant Prices Stay the Same Since 1930!

Feeling the pinch of stable retail prices while the cost of doing business skyrockets

Dusting off an old Towson’s Nursery catalog and doing a little sleuthing, I discovered that the inflation adjusted price we sell our plants at today has remained fairly steady. The shocking part comes when you see that the cost of doing business has gone way up. Way up. So the question is: are you slowly going broke from under charging?

landscape industry trends
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11 minute read

Thoughts on the Future of the Nursery Industry

Looking back at predictions from 2011

In 2021, I’ll probably dig out this list of predictions and have a good laugh: I believe energy costs will be a dominant negative force in the future--not! Perennials and branded plant lines will decline as they should. Advances in robotic equipment will transform the industry and drive future success. Those that do not adapt will fall behind. The Great Recession will have taught us to make smarter choices. We will survive. (Nailed it!)

landscape industry trends
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