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Waverly Farm owner Jerry Faulring writes a regular column called ‘It’s Time for Sharing’ for Free State Nursery, Landscape & Greenhouse News, a publication of the Maryland Nursery, Landscape, and Greenhouse Association (MNLGA). Published three times each year, Jerry’s articles are straight up stories of his successes and failures on the Farm with an intent to reflect on his experiences as a grower and share what he’s learned.

Posts about Scale Insects

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Managing Scale Insects in Difficult Plants

If a nursery person tells you, he or she has no scale problems, they are lying, stupid, or just do not want to deal with it. The classic claim is, “I cannot have Japanese Maple Scale because I do not grow Japanese Maples”. Unfortunately, there are about 30 JMS host plants; not just Japanese Maples. Let’s all sit down now and have a nice calm talk about the reality of scale out in the nursery field and surrounding lands.

Pest Management, Scale Insects
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