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digging nursery trees with large root balls

3 min read

Landscape Trees and Shrubs: How Root Ball Size Relates to Success

Is there a connection between root ball size and the quality of the landscape trees and shrubs it supports? We say yes.

Best Practices, Root Ball Size
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3 min read

Root Flare: How Planting Depth Impacts the Longevity of Nursery Trees in the Landscape

Many things must go right to ensure that a rooted cutting or graft grows into a robust nursery tree or shrub in the field. Above all, planting depth at the nursery (and later when the tree is installed in a landscape) is critical because it determines whether the root flare will develop above ...

Best Practices, Root Flare
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3 min read

Why Nursery Plant Propagation and Planting Technique Matter

As a buyer looking at that finished plant in a re-wholesale yard, you can’t possibly know everything that went into producing it–much less the plant propagation and planting techniques employed. If you like it, you like it. If you don’t, you don’t. Much of the transaction is instinctive. But the ...

Best Practices, Plant Propagation
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Solving Plant Shortages in a High-Demand Landscaping Market

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