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Magnolia 'Ann' in bloom

3 min read

Plant of the Month: Late Blooming Magnolia ‘Ann’

Flowering trees that can liven up your garden in spring with brilliant flowers are always in high demand. The good news is that the genus Magnolia contains about 100 species (including hybrid cultivars) of deciduous and evergreen trees to choose from. Almost all feature large simple leaves and ...

Plant of the Month, Little Girl Magnolias
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3 min read

Plant of the Month: Clethra alnifolia “Sweet Pepperbush”

Deciduous shrubs with fragrant summer blooms are a must-have for any landscape project. Bringing both beauty and ambiance, these shrubs are a fantastic way to enhance any garden, whether naturalized, wild, or heavily landscaped. The key is to choose a shrub that is both low maintenance and ...

Plant of the Month, Clethra alnifolia
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3 min read

Cultivar Substitutions That Make Your Project Budget Work

Cultivar Substitutions for the Three Most In Demand Landscaping Plants Do I love to change my plans in the middle of a project? No, I do not. 

Cultivar substitutions
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3 min read

Price and Value: A Nursery Plant is Only as Good As the Grower

The price is always too high if the plant quality is low I think it’s pretty much built in for most of us: That desire to get the best deal in any transaction. We may dream of finding a field grown nursery plant in the same cultivar of the same quality but at a lower price. We all have ...

Plant Pricing
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3 min read

Plant of the Month: Thuja Occidentalis ‘Thin Man’

Needled evergreens are some of our favorite foliage. Not only are they attractive year-round—holding their vibrant green color even in winter—but they also tend to be hardy, heat tolerant, and easy to prune. They also are relatively fast-growing and low-maintenance, which means they are an ...

Plant of the Month, Thuja
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Solving Plant Shortages in a High-Demand Landscaping Market

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cryptomeria 'yoshino'

3 min read

Plant of the Month: Cryptomeria japonica ‘Yoshino’

Evergreens are a value-add to any landscape. They are attractive year-round, resistant to the cold, and many provide wonderful fragrance for homeowners to enjoy. They also tend to grow large and live for a long time (hundreds of years), making them an excellent choice for windscreens, borders, ...

Plant of the Month, Cryptomeria
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Syringa patula 'Miss Kim' in nursery field

3 min read

Plant of the Month: Syringa Patula ‘Miss Kim’

Lilacs are renowned for their colorful and fragrant panicles. There are few spring bloomers more desirable when it comes to their splendor. After all, who doesn’t love a gorgeous purple, magenta, white, pink, or bluish-colored flower in the spring?

Plant of the Month, Syringa
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2 min read

Plant of the Month: Buxus ‘Green Mountain’

We love the look and feel of boxwood evergreens. From low hedges to well-designed topiaries and focal points, buxus offers homeowners an elegant and timeless solution for both formal and informal landscapes. Every species of shrub and tree offers something unique.

Plant of the Month, Buxus
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3 min read

Plant of the Month: Viburnum Alleghany

It seems unfair for a nursery to choose a favorite plant above all others. It’s like a parent choosing a favorite child. You’re not supposed to do that! We’ll side step that sticky issue by choosing a favorite for just this month. Although all the plants we grow here have wonderful ...

Plant of the Month, viburnum
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